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    Travel set Ambre sultan
    Travel set Ambre sultan Travel set
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    Serge Lutens Perfume Set Ambre Sultan
    Ambre sultan set Fragrance set
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  8. Teint si Fin B60
    La fille de Berlin Travel set 30ml and purse spray
  9. Iris Silver Mist
    Nuit de cellophane Travel set 30ml and purse spray






For the most perfectly-executed smoky effect, Serge Lutens has always played with complementary opposites and the boldest extremes to emphasise the eyes.

  1. Rahat Loukoum
    Eyeshadow Palette n°2 (purple) - 4 shades Eyeshadow Palette - 4 shades
    $128.00 $160.00
  2. Laque pour les ongles Sang Bleu
    Eyeshadow Palette n°4 (gold) - 4 shades Eyeshadow Palette - 4 shades
    $128.00 $160.00
    Out of stock
  3. Teint si Fin D10
    Eyeshadow Palette n°5 (silver) - 4 shades Eyeshadow Palette - 4 shades
    $128.00 $160.00


  1. Serge Lutens Compact Complexion Teint Si Fin
    Teint si Fin Compact foundation Long-lasting matte finish
  2. Teint si Fin Refill
    Teint si Fin Refill Refill – Compact foundation Long-lasting matte effect
  3. Serge Lutens Finishing Powder Fini Pétale
    Fini Pétale Finishing powder
  4. Fini pétale Pink 2 Refill
    Fini pétale Pink 2 Refill Refill – Finishing powder
    $136.00 $170.00
  5. Serge Lutens Complexion Perfector Mine de Rien
    Mine de Rien Complexion perfector
  6. Spectral Foundation I020
    Mine de Rien 1 (Light) Refill Refill – Complexion perfector
    $76.00 $95.00
  7. Teint Si Fin B40
    Mine de Rien 2 (Medium) Refill Refill – Complexion perfector
    $76.00 $95.00
  8. Un bois sépia
    Mine de Rien 3 (Dark) Refill Refill – Complexion perfector
    $76.00 $95.00


Lipstick is the best possible way to showcase your lips and assert your personality: go for discreet or make a statement, keep it neutral or light up the room, pick the shade of your dreams!

  1. Fard Khôl Liner Black
    Lip palette n°3 Lip palette
    $128.00 $160.00

Section d'or

"With Section d’or the possibilities are endless. And beyond these possibilities you will find Serge Lutens” Serge Lutens combines his creative genius with the rarest ingredients to produce these exceptional vintages. The word from the perfumer : "Creation should know no bounds, and this applies even more so to Section d'or, which I decided to take beyond the reasonable. I took an idea to its very limits.”

  1. Serge Lutens Perfume Renard Constrictor
    Renard constrictor Exceptional perfumes
    $480.00 $600.00
  2. Serge Lutens Perfume Cracheuse de Flammes
    Cracheuse de flammes Exceptional perfumes
    $480.00 $600.00
  3. Serge Lutens Perfume Veilleur de Nuit
    Veilleur de nuit Exceptional perfumes
    $480.00 $600.00
  4. Serge Lutens Perfume Bourreau des Fleurs
    Bourreau des fleurs Exceptional perfumes
    $480.00 $600.00