The Serge Lutens beauty range brings together the ultimate in makeup.
From the complexion to the lips, through the eyes and to the tips of the nails, each product, each color reflects a comitted stance of Serge Lutens combined with the expertise and unique savoir-faire of the most specialized laboratories.
The result: a high-definition make-up collection contained in sumptuous cases as shimmering as a Japanese lacquer.
Beveled mirrors, precise applicators, elegant powder compact hinges refined from a brand logo or name to clean it from any subterfuge.

  1. N°1 Tout feu éteint
    N°1 Tout feu éteint Reduces the appearance of redness and mattifies
  2. N°2 Sous-entendu
    N°2 Sous-entendu Smoothing and mattifying.
    Reduces the appearance of pores