Plongez dans l'univers de la parfumerie d'un créateur hors-normes : Serge Lutens. Une parfumerie à la carte !


Rounded shoulders with an apothecary stopper, this iconic Palais Royal bottle contains the perfumes of a collection sold only in our most prestigious shops.


“Charm, energy, grief, temperament, vice or failing... Which fact of ourselves will make us shine?" A collection of iconic perfumes each representing a moment of ourselves. Compact, easy to carry, these perfumes come in two versions: for elegance choose the stopper, for ease of use, choose the spray nozzle.


“Higher-please” Skimming the heights of sophistication, the new "Gratte-ciel" perfume collection brings us Art Deco style and the iconic olfactory signatures of a quite exceptional creator, Serge Lutens, finally reunited in a vertiginous skyline!


"With Section d’or the possibilities are endless. And beyond these possibilities you will find Serge Lutens” Serge Lutens combines his creative genius with the rarest ingredients to produce these exceptional vintages. The word from the perfumer : "Creation should know no bounds, and this applies even more so to Section d'or, which I decided to take beyond the reasonable. I took an idea to its very limits.”


The freshness of water and cleanliness of meticulously-ironed linen, a pillow case where dreams are made … a world where true luxury starts with cleanliness.