The Serge Lutens beauty range brings together the ultimate in makeup.
From the complexion to the lips, through the eyes and to the tips of the nails, each product, each color reflects a comitted stance of Serge Lutens combined with the expertise and unique savoir-faire of the most specialized laboratories.
The result: a high-definition make-up collection contained in sumptuous cases as shimmering as a Japanese lacquer.
Beveled mirrors, precise applicators, elegant powder compact hinges refined from a brand logo or name to clean it from any subterfuge.

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For the most perfectly-executed smoky effect, Serge Lutens has always played with complementary opposites and the boldest extremes to emphasise the eyes.

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  3. N°2 - De l'or

    N°2 - De l'or

    Liquid eyeshadow

  4. N°3 - Clarté

    N°3 - Clarté

    Liquid eyeshadow

  5. N°5 - Souris

    N°5 - Souris

    Liquid eyeshadow

  6. Serge Lutens Eyeshadow Palette Fards A Paupières

    Fard à paupières

    Eyeshadow Palette - 4 shades



Lipstick is the best possible way to showcase your lips and assert your personality: go for discreet or make a statement, keep it neutral or light up the room, pick the shade of your dreams!

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  4.  N°8 - Éloge funèbre

    N°8 - Éloge funèbre

    Matte lipstick

    £46.40 £61.00


In Serge Lutens’ book, working with the complexion, building up colour, has always been key to sculpting the face. Think of your face as a blank canvas! Foundation can be used to sculpt rather than colour, creating a shadow and light effect. Serge Lutens sees it as a way to “bring out the true complexion”.

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  2. Serge Lutens Complexion Perfector Mine de Rien

    Mine de Rien

    Complexion perfector

  3. Serge Lutens Finishing Powder Fini Pétale

    Fini Pétale

    Finishing powder

  4. Serge Lutens Compact Complexion Teint Si Fin

    Teint si Fin

    Compact foundation Long-lasting matte finish

  5. N°1 Tout feu éteint

    N°1 Tout feu éteint

    Reduces the appearance of redness and mattifies

  6. N°2 Sous-entendu

    N°2 Sous-entendu

    Smoothing and mattifying.
    Reduces the appearance of pores

  7. Serge Lutens Balm Noire Hostie

    Noire Hostie

    Face perfecting balm

  8. Best-seller


  1.  N°6 - L'office divin

    N°6 - L'office divin

    Matte lipstick

    £46.40 £61.00


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    Serge Lutens Make Up Primer Passe-velours


    Second-skin matte finish primer



  1. Teint si Fin I20

    Fard à lèvres Refill - "Couvre Feu" 9

    Fond de teint compact Matité et tenue

  2. Teint Si Fin B40

    Mine de Rien 2 (Medium) Refill

    Refill – Complexion perfector

  3. Rahat Loukoum

    Teint si Fin Refill I20

    Refill – Compact foundation Long-lasting


Nail Polish


Perfection, elegance, to the tips of your nails. Let your nail lacquer mirror your soul.


  1. Spectral Foundation IB40

    Teint si Fin Refill D10

    Refill – Compact foundation Long-lasting matte effect

    £44.00 £55.00
  2. Un Lys

    Teint si Fin Refill 060

    Refill – Compact foundation Long-lasting matte effect

    £44.00 £55.00
  3. Vapo tout noir Universel

    Teint si Fin Refill Blanc

    Refill – Compact foundation Long-lasting matte effect

    £44.00 £58.00
  4. Rahat Loukoum

    Teint si Fin Refill B60

    Refill – Compact foundation Long-lasting matte effect

    £44.00 £58.00