Plongez dans l'univers de la parfumerie d'un créateur hors-normes : Serge Lutens. Une parfumerie à la carte !


“Higher-please” Skimming the heights of sophistication, the new "Gratte-ciel" perfume collection brings us Art Deco style and the iconic olfactory signatures of a quite exceptional creator, Serge Lutens, finally reunited in a vertiginous skyline!


“Charm, energy, grief, temperament, vice or failing... Which fact of ourselves will make us shine?" A collection of iconic perfumes each representing a moment of ourselves. Compact, easy to carry, these perfumes come in two versions: for elegance choose the stopper, for ease of use, choose the spray nozzle.

Exclusive bottles

Rounded shoulders with an apothecary stopper, this iconic Palais Royal bottle contains the perfumes of a collection sold only in our most prestigious shops.