For the most perfectly-executed smoky effect, Serge Lutens has always played with complementary opposites and the boldest extremes to emphasise the eyes.

  1. Teint si Fin
    Teint si Fin Compact foundation Long-lasting matte finish
  2. Teint si Fin Refill
    Teint si Fin Refill Refill – Compact foundation Long-lasting matte effect
  3. Fini Petale
    Fini Pétale Finishing powder
  4. Fini pétale refill - pink 2
    Fini pétale refill - pink 2 Refill – Finishing powder
  5. Mine de Rien
    Mine de Rien Complexion perfector
  6. Spectral Foundation I020
    Mine de Rien 1 (Light) Refill Refill – Complexion perfector
  7. Teint Si Fin B40
    Mine de Rien 2 (Medium) Refill Refill – Complexion perfector
  8. Un bois sépia
    Mine de Rien 3 (Dark) Refill Refill – Complexion perfector


Lipstick is the best possible way to showcase your lips and assert your personality: go for discreet or make a statement, keep it neutral or light up the room, pick the shade of your dreams!