A limited edition of three iconic fragrances by Serge Lutens
- Ambre Sultan, Fleurs d’oranger, La fille de Berlin -
celebrating Moroccan know-how.

"I can’t imagine that Morocco would have resonated so strongly
if it hadn’t already been within me."
Serge Lutens


“Charm, energy, grief, temperament, vice or failing... Which fact of ourselves will make us shine?" A collection of iconic perfumes each representing a moment of ourselves. Compact, easy to carry, these perfumes come in two versions: for elegance choose the stopper, for ease of use, choose the spray nozzle.

  1. Rahat Loukoum
    Ambre sultan Eau de Parfum Limited Edition 50ml
  2. Teint Si Fin B40
    La fille de Berlin Eau de Parfum Limited Edition 50ml
  3. L'orpheline 50ml
    Fleurs d'oranger Eau de Parfum Limited Edition 50ml