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    Serge Lutens Eyebrow Mascara Ombre à Sourcils
    Brows tint shadow Natural result of fullness
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    Serge Lutens Make Up Primer Passe-velours
    FACE SHADOW PRIMER PASSE-VELOURS Second-skin matte finish primer
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Passe-velours collection

The Serge Lutens beauty range is growing.
Discover the Blusher tint shadow, a liquid blush with a light formula that brightens your cheeks with a natural veil of colour.
Enhance and brighten your eyes naturally with the Eyes tint shadows.
Add a boost of hydration and colour impact with the Lips tint shadows. Finish with a natural touch-up with the Brows tint shadows.

  1. Serge Lutens Blush Ombre pour les Joues
    Blusher tint shadow Liquid blusher tint
  2. N°2 - De l'or
    N°2 - De l'or Liquid eyeshadow
  3. N°3 - Clarté
    N°3 - Clarté Liquid eyeshadow
  4. N°5 - Souris
    N°5 - Souris Liquid eyeshadow

Last chance

  1. Serge Lutens Complexion Perfector Mine de Rien
    Mine de Rien Complexion perfector
  2. Serge Lutens Finishing Powder Fini Pétale
    Fini Pétale Finishing powder
  3. Teint si Fin Refill
    Teint si Fin Refill Refill – Compact foundation Long-lasting matte effect
  4. Serge Lutens Compact Complexion Teint Si Fin
    Teint si Fin Compact foundation Long-lasting matte finish


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    Serge Lutens Make-up Remover For Eyes
    Make-up remover Make-up remover wipes
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